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CSPC (Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress) International Fellows Program


From left to right:With Officials from Toyota, Embassy of Japan, USJI and CSPC /Visiting Eisenhower National Historic Site with international fellows
Miki Kadota, Keio University
Research Theme:
The Presidential Control Attempting to Change the “Checks and Balances”:Focusing on the Executive Orders
Ryu Nagae, The University of Tokyo
Research Theme:
The Evolution of the Executive-Legislative Relations in the U.S. Politics: The Use of Force and Foreign Policy Making
Minami Kurokami, Waseda University
Research Theme:
On the Formulation of Public Opinion: Shifting Dynamics of the U.S.-Japan Alliance
Conference Schedule

Fall Leadership Conference in Washington D.C.
(October 23 to 28, 2017)
Spring Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. (TBD)

Reporting in Japan

Interim Reporting at Waseda University
(November 24, 2017 17:00-18:20)

Upper right: Miki Kadota, Keio University / Lower left:Ryu Nagae, The University of Tokyo /Lower right:Minami Kurokami, Waseda University
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