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USJI Voice

What Can Politics Do? What Can Religions Do?

David Wessels(Professor, Sophia University)

The purpose of these remarks is to look at international politics and U.S.-Japan relations from the ...

University Research Report

For sustainable forest management activities under the supervision of the Model Forest Promotion Division of Kyoto Prefecture

USJI Voice

Japan's Anti-Terrorism Legal Framework and Its Future Direction

Hideyuki Ohsawa(Professor, Keio University)

Japan has not yet experienced international terrorism, this being a frequent occurrence in Europe an...

Research Projects

The Trump administration has employed ‘America First’ as its defining electoral and governing slogan...

Takashi Terada(Doshisha University)


2017CSPC: Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress
Miki Kadota, Keio University
Ryu Nagae, The University of Tokyo
Minami Kurokami, Waseda University

USJI Voice

The future of the Japan-U.S. relationship in light of the two nations’ domestic politics

Satoshi Machidori(Professor, Kyoto University)

U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Japan has ended without major mishaps. The two nations...

Takeshi Iida
USJI Voice

The 2017 Japanese General Election and Public Constraints on Constitutional Revision

Takeshi Iida(Associate Professor, Doshisha University)

The 2017 Japanese general election was a huge victory for the ruling coalition of the Liberal Democr...

Research Projects

The issue is urgent as the mass of ice (the size of Wales) has both exposed fresh sea floor and has ...

Iwane Suzuki (Professor, University of Tsukuba)

Rumi Aoyama
USJI Voice

Xi Jinping’s Political Gamble: Searching for a New Governance Model

Rumi Aoyama(Professor, Waseda University)

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing from October 18 to 24...

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