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News of the latest research from sponsoring universities are announced each month.

March 15,2018

New light on the history of minority Muslims in the Philippines:
An Approach through locally preserved manuscripts.

January 23,2018

Underwater Robots Acting as Gatekeepers of Lake Biwa’s Environment

November 14,2017

For sustainable forest management activities under the supervision of the Model Forest Promotion Division of Kyoto Prefecture

September 15,2017

Silicon Could Make Quantum Leap Possible: 30 Years of Isotope Research and Innovation

July 14,2017

Kyoto University scientists enhance mind reading technology

May 19,2017

Development of High Performance Inorganic Metal Oxide Hybrid Catalysts Using Carbon Nanotubes

March 30,2017

Chimpanzee Down syndrome: a case study of trisomy 22 in a captive chimpanzee
Photo: Kanako (right) and Roman (left) staying in the same space

March 03,2017

Can we build a circular economy in Japan?-Research on Theoretical Analysis and Organizational Analysis that Contributes to the Constructuion of a Circular Economy-

January 11,2017

Feelings change depending on the transformed voice, even if participants do not notice that their voice has changed

November 14,2016

Pick up Topic:
Enjoying Adapted Sports

October 14,2016

A triple-minded Shakespearean in Japan: Many-hatted professor reaches audiences through his research, translations, and plays

July 29,2016

Pick Up Topic:
Taking the Lower Voter Age as an Opportunity to Change Japanese Education and Society

June 29,2016

Pick Up Topic:
Integrated Research of Accessible Ebooks: Interfaces & Services

June 02,2016

Pick Up Topic:
A Theoretical Model of Jigsaw-Puzzle Pattern Formation by Plant Leaf Epidermal Cells

April 28,2016

Pick Up Topic:
Genetic Changes Revealed in Fruit Flies Raised without Light for 1,500 Generations

March 31,2016

Pick Up Topic:
How far Asia-Pacific economic integration should go from the perspective of the EU

February 29,2016

Pick Up Topic:
Motion sensors for sporting excellence: Lightweight smartphone sensors and Newton’s laws of motion can help athletes maximize their performance

January 29,2016

Pick Up Topic:
President Barack Obama’s Legacy and Unresolved Issues

November 30,2015

Pick Up Topic:
External stimulation-controllable heat-storage ceramics

October 30,2015

Pick Up Topic:
Hierarchies in matter: Emergent matter science shapes a new future

September 30,2015

Pick Up Topic:
Density of States Scaling at the Semimetal to Metal Transition in Three Dimensional Topological Insulators

July 29,2015

Pick Up Topic:
STAT3-dependent reactive astrogliosis in the spinal dorsal horn underlies chronic itch

June 30,2015

Pick Up Topic:
Drug Development using a Gene Regulation Mechanism by Natural Antisense Transcripts

May 29,2015

Pick Up Topic:
L-Serine deficiency elicits intracellular accumulation of cytotoxic deoxysphingolipids and lipid body formation

April 30,2015

Pick Up Topic:
Stable isotope analysis of historical bone specimens of brown bears suggests that human activities have caused a long-term dietary shift in brown bears in Hokkaido Islands, Japan

March 31,2015

Pick Up Topic:
Villages are Miniature Forms of Society—Seeing Japan from the Perspective of Villages in Yamagata Prefecture—

January 30,2015

Pick Up Topic:
Life, Bonds, and Organ Transplantation

November 28,2014

Pick Up Topic:
25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall How has Germany changed?

October 31,2014

Pick Up Topic:
New Media Art, Media Workshop in a hospital environment

September 30,2014

Pick Up Topic:
A window into the Earth’s interior: Elementary particles open up new earth sciences

July 28,2014

Pick Up Topic:
Basic Technology Development and Strategic Innovations towards a Low-Carbon Society

June 27,2014

Pick Up Topic:
Basic Technology Development and Strategic Innovations towards a Low-Carbon Society

May 27,2014

Pick Up Topic:
Elucidation of carcinogenic mechanism not involving gene mutation Application of iPS cell technology

April 23,2014

Pick Up Topic:
How to Build “Slow Cities” Fostering New Social Systems after a Major Disaster

March 25,2014

Pick Up Topic:
1. Systematics, phylogeny, cell biology, physiology and ecology of algae. 2. Isolation, culture, screening and mass cultivation of useful microalgae. 3. Bioorganic chemistry of microalgal components related to biofuels and bioproducts. 4. Engineering research of oil extraction process from microalgae and bioprocess energy balance evaluation. 5. Molecular and ecological diversity of algae in natural environments. 6. Algal culture collections and their utilization.

February 27,2014

Pick Up Topic:
Identification of novel neuroprotective molecule effective in ALS mouse models: NFIL3 plays a neuroprotective role in neurons Researcher: Kamon Sanada, Associate Professor

January 24,2014

Pick Up Topic:
Wide range tuning of resonant frequency for a vortex core in a regular triangle magnet

December 26,2013

Pick Up Topic:
Identification of a plant-specific nanomachine regulating nuclear movement

November 27,2013

Pick Up Topic:
Clathrate hydrates useful for natural gas storage and CO2 extraction

October 30,2013

Pick Up Topic:
Reduced Regional Income Inequality in China

September 27,2013

Pick Up Topic:
High-Dimensional Data Analysis

July 30,2013

Pick Up Topic:
In the shadow of the Sun: Using the Sun’s cosmic ray shadow to probe solar magnetic structure

June 26,2013

Pick Up Topic:
Recreating the Reconstruction Process from Past Natural Disasters:“GIS Disaster Archeology”

May 29,2013

Pick Up Topic:
Altered Expression of Diabetes-Related Genes in Alzheimer’s Disease Brains: The Hisayama Study

April 24,2013

Pick Up Topic:
Tufted capuchin monkeys shun those who behave unfairly: Emotional evaluation of third-party interactions

March 29,2013

Pick Up Topic:
Constructing a theoretical framework for Southeast Asian isolating languages

February 22,2013

Pick Up Topic:
Seeds of inquiry into nursing chronic diseases

January 31,2013

Pick Up Topic:
What influences do heredity and environment exert on human beings? – Unraveling the mystery by studying twins –

December 27,2012

Pick Up Topic:
Uncovering life phenomena, a complex system, through behavior of water molecules

November 30,2012

Pick Up Topic:
Man shall not live by bread alone – for the mind to be rich

October 29,2012

Pick Up Topic:
iPS cell research and application

August 31,2012

Pick Up Topic:
Cognitive Science of language and learning

July 25,2012

Pick Up Topic:
Talking politics is not welcome at a “symposion (feast)”

June 26,2012

Pick Up Topic:
With a desire to inherit Yukichi Fukuzawa’s DNA

April 24,2012

Pick Up Topic:
Between times and ideas -seeking sources and meanings of the contemporary era through ideas of modernity-

March 27,2012

Pick Up Topic:
Life skill program that produces motivation

February 02,2012

Pick Up Topic:
Our seminar class is a small Indian World

January 12,2012

Pick Up Topic:
Aiming for the pathophysiological explanation and therapy of heart disease with leading edge science

November 30,2011

Pick Up Topic:
To become a reliable member of society and to think on one’s own

October 31,2011

Pick Up Topic:
Studying mental issues from babies to adults

September 30,2011

Pick Up Topic:
Research and development of an electric bus with a full flat floor

July 29,2011

Pick Up Topic:
Chemical Study of “lively” behavior of life forms

June 30,2011

Pick Up Topic:
Microeconomics and Game Theory

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