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To promote a greater understanding of Japan within the United States, the USJI will publicize policy recommendations as “USJI Voice” on timely topics that were prepared by researchers of USJI-sponsoring universities.

Rumi Aoyama
April 08,2019

China in a predicament, still sticking to its “Belt and Road” Initiative

Rumi Aoyama(Professor, Waseda University )

January 09,2019

Restricting Profiling: Current Regulations in the United States, Europe, and Japan

Tatsuhiko Yamamoto(Professor of Constitutional Law, Keio University Law School)

October 17,2018

The Challenges of Peacebuilding and the Role of Japan as “Global Facilitator”

Daisaku Higashi (Professor, Sophia Institute of International Relations, Sophia University in Tokyo)

August 01,2018

Trump’s Trade War and the Thawing of China-Japan Relations

Takashi Terada(Professor, Doshisha University)

February 21,2018

Immigration Policy under Trump and its Implications for Japan

Fuminori Minamikawa(Professor, Ritsumeikan University)

January 18,2018

What Can Politics Do? What Can Religions Do?

David Wessels(Professor, Sophia University)

January 17,2018

Deciphering North Korea’s Dialog Offensive

Atsuhito Isozaki(Associate Professor, Keio University)

December 19,2017

Japan's Anti-Terrorism Legal Framework and Its Future Direction

Hideyuki Ohsawa(Professor, Keio University)

December 06,2017

The future of the Japan-U.S. relationship in light of the two nations’ domestic politics

Satoshi Machidori(Professor, Kyoto University)

Takeshi Iida
December 01,2017

The 2017 Japanese General Election and Public Constraints on Constitutional Revision

Takeshi Iida(Associate Professor, Doshisha University)

Rumi Aoyama
November 14,2017

Xi Jinping’s Political Gamble: Searching for a New Governance Model

Rumi Aoyama(Professor, Waseda University)

Kenji Iwata
November 02,2017

Considering the “White Paper on the Future of Europe” ― Designing Systems with Clear Distinctions

Kenji Iwata(Director, EU Centre, Kyushu University / Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University / President, European Union Studies Association Japan)

Yamaguchi Eichi
September 12,2017

Role of the Government in Promoting Small, Innovative Firms

Eiichi Yamaguchi(Professor, Kyoto University)

Kazuo Matsushita
September 06,2017

Paris Agreement: Accelerating toward Decarbonized Society

Kazuo Matsushita(Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University)

Hasebe Yasuo
June 22,2017

Article 9: Should It Be Amended?

Yasuo Hasebe(Professor, Waseda University)

June 05,2017

Japan’s Foreign Aid Policies: An unprecedented phenomenon of bilateral ODA loan amounts overtaken by repayment

Koichi Takase(Professor, Waseda University)

April 10,2017

The Birth of the Trump Administration and U.S.-Japan Security Cooperation

Tatsuo Akaneya(Professor, University of Tsukuba)

March 16,2017

Japan Needs Research on Cyber-Offense Capabilities for and after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Motohiro Tsuchiya(Professor, Keio University)

March 15,2017

The Trump Administration and the Future of U.S.-Japan Relations

Dr. Kazuhiro Maeshima(Professor, Sophia University / Operating Advisor, USJI)

February 15,2017

December 2016 – What we can learn from the Abe-Putin talks: How should Japan and the US deal with Russia?

Akihiro Iwashita(Professor, Hokkaido University/Kyushu University)

February 06,2017

Choosing Energy: Market mechanism required to stimulate innovation that will reduce abatement costs of climate change

Nobuhiro Horii(Associate Professor, Kyushu University)

October 18,2016

The Opportune Moment: US-China-Japan Cooperation in Conflict-affected Regions

Dr. Miwa Hirono(Ritsumeikan University)

October 07,2016

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Japanese Perspectives

Dr. Kazuhiro Maeshima(Professor, Sophia University / Operating Advisor, USJI)

August 22,2016

European Governance after the “Brexit” Shock: from the Japanese perspective

Dr. Koji Fukuda(Waseda University)

June 28,2016

Infrastructure for Disaster Resilience – Some Lessons from the Kumamoto Earthquake

Dr. Riki Honda(The University of Tokyo)

May 30,2016

TPP and Domestic Regulation in Japan: The Example of Copyright Extension

Dr. Stephen J. Turnbull(University of Tsukuba)

May 30,2016

The TPP and East Asian Economic Integration ― Including the Roles of Japan and the U.S.

Dr. Kazushi Shimizu(Kyushu University)

May 25,2016

U.S.-Japan Partnership and Geo-Economic Regionalism in Asia: The Rise of TPP and AIIB

Dr. Takashi Terada(Doshisha University)

May 24,2016

China, and Financial and Monetary Order in Asia: How Could the AIIB Be Viewed?

Dr. Fumiharu Mieno(Kyoto University)

March 23,2016

International production/distribution networks and mega FTAs

Dr. Mitsuyo Ando(Keio University)

January 15,2016

Rethinking Security Council Reform

Dr. Yasuhiro Ueki(Sophia University)

November 24,2015

COP21 and Japanese Climate Change Policy

Mr. Tadashi Otsuka(Waseda University)

July 15,2015

The Third Arrow of Abenomics
―Sustainable growth or retreat to the past―

Mr. AKIRA FURUKAWA(Ritsumeikan University)

July 06,2015

Right to Collective Self-Defense and the U.S.-Japan Alliance
―How Will the Alliance Be Strengthened?―

Dr. YUICHI HOSOYA(Keio University)

April 28,2015

Multinational Cooperation in International Disaster Risk Reduction

Dr. HARUO HAYASHI(Kyoto University)

February 24,2015

Prime Minister Abe and the Lower House General Election

Dr. SADAFUMI KAWATO(The University of Tokyo)

January 14,2015

Revitalization of Public Housing to Create Care Bases for Senior Citizens

Dr. SAYAKA FUJII(Tsukuba University)

January 09,2015

Corporate Governance in Japanese Companies

Dr. KATSUYUKI KUBO(Waseda University)

October 15,2014

Abenomics and the "Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing" (QQE)
: What’s Necessary for Achieving the Growth Strategy?

Dr. YOICHI KAWANAMI(Kyushu University)

September 24,2014

Fukushima refugees not willing to return

Dr. MIKIYASU NAKAYAMA(The University of Tokyo)

July 04,2014

Australia and Regional Integration Politics among Japan, the United States, and China

Dr. TAKASHI TERADA(Doshisha University)

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