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Copyright License Agreement: Terms and Conditions

This HTML document, and all HTML documents which have links to it to advise readers of the terms and conditions of use, are copyrighted material, and as such protected by the relevant Japanese laws and international conventions. Unless specified otherwise, the U.S.-Japan Research Institute is the rightful copyright holder of all aforementioned HTML documents. Except for the purposes specified below, no duplication, distribution or other reproduction is permitted in part or in whole without prior consent of the copyright holder.

  • In cases where specifically allowed by the Japanese copyright laws.
  • When data duplication occurs for the purposes of caching, buffering, and/or browsing and subsequent changes to the documents are reflected without substantial delays.

Regardless of the above, research and training institutions, other organizations or individuals than the U.S.-Japan Research Institute must contact usjp@us-jpri.org beforehand to use this page in part or whole to create an HTML document concerning a copyright license agreement for the same purpose as this page.


Unless specified otherwise, URLs for the aforementioned HTML documents are made public. Links can be made to these documents for non-commercial purposes.

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Conditions for Linking to This Website

  • If you would like to link to this website, contact the U.S.-Japan Research Institute.
  • The conditions for linking to this website are subject to change without prior notice. Should that occur, please follow the new conditions.
  • The U.S.-Japan Research Institute accepts no responsibility for losses, complaints or claims from third parties with respect to websites from which a link originates.
  • The U.S.-Japan Research Institute accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of contents on websites linked to from this website, or websites that link to this website.
  • The content and URLs on this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice.
  • We do not allow links from websites that contain content that defames or damages the trust of the U.S.-Japan Research Institute.
  • We do not allow links from content that is morally offensive (including content that can be construed as such).
  • We do not allow links that obscure the fact that content belongs to the U.S.-Japan Research Institute (using frames or other methods).


Unless specified otherwise, the U.S.-Japan Institute is responsible for this HTML document and all HTML documents with links to this document.

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