•   U.S.-Japan Research Institute,
      Washington D.C. (Headquarters)

      1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Suite 801
      Washington, DC 20006
      Phone: 202-452-6142
      E-mail: usjp@us-jpri.org

  •   U.S.-Japan Research Institute,
      Japan Office

      c/o Strategic Management
      Planning Office,
      Office of the President,
      Waseda University,
      Totsuka-machi 1-104, Shinjuku-ku,
      Tokyo 169-8050
      Phone: +81-3-5286-8740
      Fax: +81-3-5286-8385
      E-mail: usjp@us-jpri.org

About USJI
What is the U.S.-Japan Research Institute (US-registered NPO)?

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce practical research results based on a sound academic base, and to strategically establish a leading-edge research base from which to announce our results.
This Institute is established in Washington D.C. as a ten-year project to start. We will evaluate the organization's activities after the first five years, and re-plan as necessary.

Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis
【Development of practical policy analysis based on academic research 】
Top researchers from American and Japanese universities as well as other institutions will conduct academic research in conjunction with practical research with political implications that emphasizes dealing with practical needs to resolve problems.

Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development
【Development of personnel to resolve issues between the U.S. and Japan】
Teams of young researchers and employees from companies, under the guidance of American and Japanese researchers, will contribute to the resolution of specific problems through practical research, and thereby  will foster personnel who will be the future decision makers in the U.S. and Japan.

Community Building

Community Building
【Building a community with the ability to make recommendations on U.S. and Japanese issues 】
We will build a community that influences corporate decision-making, as well as American and Japanese policy decisions by speaking out on various U.S.-Japanese issues.



Independent and Reliable
We will position ourselves as a research institution that publishes independent research results that are helpful for formulating policies in the US and Japan. The institute will be based in Washington D.C., which is at the center of policy disputes and policy information in the USA.
Collaboration between Several Universities
Anchored by a core group of researchers from Japanese Top Universities, the Institute develops and draws on a network of scholars and professionals throughout the United States and across the world to probe issues of mutual and publish the results in summary and detailed form.

Flexible and Efficient Operating Structure
By utilizing networks between researchers, we intend to create a research system that can be operated at low cost while recruiting the ideal personnel for each project.
Announcement of Results in Japanese and English
The publishing of research results and newsletters, and the handling of inquiries concerning sponsored research will be done in Japanese and English.

Long-term Business Development
We will foster young American and Japanese researchers (including those at the post doctorate level) who have the ability to understand and resolve various issues between the U.S. and Japan.
State-of-the-Art Research Base
Researchers who are dispatched to the Institute will be able to use the facilities as the primary base for surveying, researching and collecting the latest information, and will be given the opportunity to interact and hold discussions with researchers from the U.S. and Japan who are conducting leading-edge research.



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