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Carole Cameron

Ms. Cameron is the Director of the International Affairs Division. She has held key management positions in FEMA’s NIMS Integration Center, the Office of National Preparedness, the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, the U.S. Fire Administration, the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Program and the Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program. Ms. Cameron also directed a team of experts that developed the National Response Framework. In addition, she coordinated Federal, State, local and community and family preparedness programs in the post September 11 era.
In the International Affairs Division, Ms. Cameron is responsible for exchanging information and technical expertise with foreign emergency management offices; managing FEMA’s involvement in the civil side of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); coordinating the exchange of international assistance during disasters; and coordinating participation of foreign governments during exercises.
In 2004, Ms. Cameron was awarded a Brookings Institute Legislative Fellowship to work with the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on chemical site security legislation. In the Senate, Ms. Cameron also handled legislative issues involving homeland security, emergency preparedness and response, fire safety, and chemical accident prevention.
Prior to coming to FEMA, Ms. Cameron was the Communications Coordinator for EPA’s Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Program where she directed communication and outreach efforts for the Agency’s Risk Management Program, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Office, International Affairs, and EPA’s anti-terrorism efforts.

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