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Hiroshi Matsumoto

Research Field: Space Radio Science, Space Plasma Physics, Space Solar Power Transmission
Hiroshi Matsumoto was appointed president of Kyoto University in 2008, prior to which he served as the university’s executive vice-president for research and finance. He completed his Ph.D. in engineering at Kyoto University in 1973, following the acquisition of his bachelor’s degree in 1965 and master’s degree in 1967.
Following the completion of his Ph.D., Matsumoto was employed as an associate professor in Kyoto University’s Faculty of Engineering before being appointed as a professor (1987–2000) and director (1992–1998) of the university’s Radio Atmospheric Science Center. He then went on to serve as a professor (2000–2002) and director (2002–2004) of the university’s Radio Science Center for Space and Atmosphere. In 2005 he was appointed executive vice-president for research, finance and information infrastructure, and in 2006 executive vice-president for research and finance, a position which he held until his current appointment as president.
Matsumoto’s main fields of expertise are:
1. Computer experiments of nonlinear plasma dynamics in space
2. Theoretical studies of space plasma waves
3. Satellite observations and rocket experiments of space plasma waves
4. Microwave power transmission (MPT) technology for solar power satellites (SPS)
5. Computer simulation of microwave devices
6. Laboratory experiments of plasma waves in space simulation chambers
He has published 297 scientific papers in English in international journals and 133 scientific papers in Japanese, and has authored and contributed to several books in the fields of space plasma waves, computer simulations, satellite observations, laboratory plasma experiments and microwave energy transmission for solar power satellite and terrestrial applications among other subjects. Matsumoto has received several awards and distinctions including the NASA Group Achievement Award (1998), the Russian Federation of Cosmonautics Gagarin Medal (2006), the URSI Gold Booker Medal (2008) and the Hasegawa Nagata Award, SGEPSS (2008).

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