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Hiroshi Nakanishi

Hiroshi Nakanishi received MA from Kyoto University in political science and studied in the doctor course of the History Department at the University of Chicago. In 1991 he became associate professor in Kyoto University and professor in 2002. His major interests are historical development of theories on international order and system, international history of the 20th century and historical development and current practices of Japanese foreign and security policy. His major publications include: Kokusaiseiji-toha Nanika (Chuokoronshinsha, 2003, Yomiuri-Yoshino Sakuzo prize winner), Rekishi-no Shikkoku-wo Koete- Nicchukankeishi-no Shin Shiten (2010, co-edited with Michihiko Kobayashi) and Kokusaiseijigaku (Yuhikaku, 2013, co-authored with Atushi Ishida and Masayuki Tadokoro).

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