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Lee Seung Yeol

Lee Seung Yeol is a Senior Research Fellow at Ewha Womans University Institute for Unification, and Guest Researcher at the Institute for Security and Development Policy in Sweden in 2011. He earned a doctoral degree of North Korean Studies In 2009, and is specialized in study of the succession in North Korean politics. His book, Kim Jong-il’s Choice, was published in 2009. His academic articles are “Study on the Change of Suryoung System and the Structural Limitations of the third Succession” (North Korean Studies Review, 2009) and “Analysis on the Three Determinants of the Succession System in North Korea: focused on the Path-Dependency”(North Korean Studies Review, 2010) and “Analysis on the ‘Sanction’ and ‘Negotiation’ for solving North Korea’s Nuclear Problem” (Peace Studies Review, 2010) and North Korea’s Third Hereditary Succession: Determining Factors and Hidden Meanings(Stockholm: ISDP Press, 2011)

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