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Masaki Ogata

Mr. Masaki Ogata is Vice Chairman of East Japan Railway Company (JR East).
[Professional Career]
1974 Entered Japan National Railways
1987 Manager, Administration Div., Transport & Rolling Stock Dept. East Japan Railway Company
1990 Manager, Passenger Service Div., Marketing Dept.
1991 Manager, Investment Planning Dept.
1994 Deputy General Manager, Transport & Rolling Stock Div., Tokyo District Branch Office
1996 Manager, Labor Div., Personnel Dept.
1997 Manager, Planning Div., Transport & Rolling Stock Dept.
1998 General Manager, Transport Safety Dept.
2000 General Manager, Public Relations Dept.
2002 Board Member, Director of Transport & Rolling Stock Dept.
2004 Board Member, Executive Director, Vice Director-General of Railway Operating Headquarters
2008 Executive Vice President, Railway Operations Headquarters, IT & Suica Business Development Headquarters
2010 Executive Vice President, IT, Service Quality and Overseas Related Affairs
2011 Vice Chairman (Director), IT, Service Quality and Overseas Cooperation

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