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Norio Yamamoto

Joined Mitsubishi Research Institute in 1971, engaged in interdisciplinary policy analysis for science and technology field for private and public sector like R&D management policy, Technology Transfer, Technology Assessment and Environmental Assessment, especially large-scale infrastructure projects. Joined GIF Research Foundation Japan in 1990 as a founding member. Engaged in polity analysis and promotion of mega-scale infrastructure projects mainly in the developing parts of the world, such as ‘the Environmental Rehabilitation of the Aral Sea’, ‘the Eastern Himalayan Water Resource Development Program’, “the Middle Eastern Peace Water Pipeline”, “New Silk Road” transportation system development, on in the Arctic, Trans-East-Asia Natural Gas Pipeline Network, Oceanic Thermo-Electric Conversion(OTEC) and Promotion of ITER( International Thermo-nuclear Experimental Reactor) project. Engaged in the study of the role of trans-boundary infrastructure development as confidence building approach in the conflict area.

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