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Yasuhiro Matsuda

Yasuhiro MATSUDA (1965- ) is a professor of international politics at the University of Tokyo’s Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (formerly the “Institute of Oriental Culture”). He received his Ph.D. in law from the Graduate School of Law at Keio University in Tokyo. He spent sixteen years in the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS) and the Japan Defense Agency (later, Ministry of Defense), as an assistant or a senior research fellow. He moved to the Institute of Oriental Culture of the University of Tokyo in 2008. His specialties include 1) political and diplomatic history of Asia, 2) politics, foreign relations and security in the PRC and Taiwan, 3) Cross-Strait relations, and 4) Japan’s foreign and security policies. He became a member of the Council on Security and Defense Capability in the New Era, the advisory group of the Prime Minister in 2010. He is the winner of the seventh Yasuhiro Nakasone Award of Excellence in 2011. He has published numerous books and articles in Japanese and English. His most recent publication in English is “Taiwan’s Partisan Politics and Its Impact on U.S.-Taiwanese Relations,” The Journal of Social Science, Vol. 63, Nos. 3&4, December 2011.

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