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Yutaka Tsujinaka

Yutaka Tsujinaka graduated from the Osaka University School of Law in 1976, and received his doctoral degree in law from Kyoto University. He is currently the Executive Advisor to the President (as of 2013) and Professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. Prior to serving as an Executive Advisor to the President, Dr. Tsujinaka was Vice President for International Affairs and Chair of the Doctoral Program in International and Advanced Japanese Studies. He specializes in political science, comparative civil society research, interest groups, social capital, NGOs etc. He published four volumes with the results of his research on the structure of Japanese civil society and governance. Since 1997, he conducted empirical surveys on civil society organizations in 15 countries (Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Bangladesh, India etc.) and accumulated data from 62,000 associations. In September, 2013, he has been elected as the president (term 2014-2016) of the Japanese Political Science Association. He has been conducting collaborative research with Dr. Peter J. Katzenstein since he was a Fulbright Fellow and American Council of Learned Society Fellow at Cornell University.

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December 13,2018
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