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Yuzo Ohnishi

1968 Graduate from Department of Civil Engineering, Kyoto University
1973 University of California, Berkeley: Graduate School (Civil Engineering) Ph.D
1990 Dr. of Engineering, Kyoto University
[Professional Career in University]
1973 Research staff, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Univ. of Calif.
1977 Associate Prof. in Civil Engineering, Kyoto University
1989 Visiting Associate Prof. in Civil Engineering at MIT, USA
1994 Professor in Civil Engineering, Kyoto University
2000 Visiting Prof. in Civil and Environmental Engineering at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
2002-2004 Vice-Dean, College of Engineering, Kyoto University
2003 Professor at Urban and Environmental Engineering, Kyoto University
2005 Director of Kyoto University Library and Library system
2008 Executive Vice President, Kyoto University
[Professional Career for ISRM]
+ Board member of Japanese Committee for Rock Mechanics (ISRM Japan)
+ President of Japanese Committee for Rock Mechanics (ISRM Japan)
+ Chairperson of the 3rd Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium in Kyoto (3rd ARMS)
+ Chairperson of Rock Mechanics Committee in Japan Society for Civil Engineering (JSGE)
+ Chairperson of the 8th International Congress on Rock Mechanics in Tokyo
・・・・also, Chairmen and Presidents of many committees and Industry-University- Government Association Groups
[Research Topics]
(1) Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
(2) Underground Space Utilization and Rock Engineering
(3) Groundwater Engineering, Analysis and Management
Numerous academic papers and books Dr Yuzo Onishi has been nominated by the ISRM NG Japan.

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