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Comparative analysis of transport axes in Japan and US and policy choices


Leader Yoshiaki Abe, Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Analysis, Waseda University
Term April 2009 - March 2010
Research Outline

 The main subject is to study the current performance of the key transport axes for both passenger and freight in Japan and US, typical example being Tokyo-Osaka in Japan and Washington DC-NYC in US, from the point of view of economic, fiscal, energy and environmental efficiency. The study would identify strength and weakness of the axes, recommend specific steps for improved operations and propose policy options for improvements on behalf of the two Governments. We propose to (1) have same terms of reference for the two studies in respective countries with same objectives and analytical approaches; and (2) create working groups (WGs) or task forces consisting of specialists from academic/research world, transport business sector (rail, land, coastal shipping, port, transport equipment manufacturers) and concerned government agencies. The WGs in Japan and US, working together closely, will carry out respective study almost simultaneously.
 If more freight than the current is transported by more efficient coastal shipping, and if more passenger is carried by rail, we will have more efficient transport supply options available to the two societies. This implies even to influence the current high dependence on automobile in running of daily lives of individuals in the two countries.    

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