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Climate Change and Resource Management for the US and Japan


Leader Masahiko Gemma
Researcher Cluster Analysis of the Japanese and US cases: Masahiko Gemma, Waseda University, Zbigniew Bochniarz, University of Washington and other partners Analysis of the Impacts of Climate Change: Research partners in Japan and the US including Rodney Smith, University of Minnesota  Global Governance of Resources: Hiroshi Ohta, Waseda University, and partners
Term June 2014 - March 2015
Research Outline

With the prolonged world-wide recessions, efforts for reducing GHG emissions have slowed down even in developed countries. Concerns seem to have shifted to how we adjust our lives to the world with the influence of climate change. The shifts in policies will be studied for major player countries including the United States and Japan. A dynamic general equilibrium model will be applied to the data from the United States, Japan and Brazil to understand the impacts of climate change, observed as changes in temperature and precipitation. The simulation studies will be carried out to examine the effectiveness of alternative approaches to the preventive and adaptive measures. The issues related with the global governance on resource management and impacts of new global trade partnerships will be also studied. Research findings will be discussed during the USJI week events and published in professional journals.

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