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Translational research based on molecular craniofacial developmental biology and development of related clinical activities


Leader Ichiro Takahashi, Kyushu University
Researcher Yoshihide Mori, Kazuaki Nonaka, Naoto Haruyama, Haruyoshi Yamaza, Fumie Terao, Keigo Yoshizaki (Kyushu Univeristy)
Term April 2016-March 2017
Research Outline

 Because the inborn specific abnormality that the phenotype appears in a face and the oral cavity affects chewing, speech, breathing as well as swallowing function, a life support function of the patient. The specific and strange feature of craniofacial anomaly in the face affects a socio-psychological activity leading the reduction of patients’ quality of life remarkably. The cleft lip and/or cleft palate that are representative inborn specific abnormality show a phenotype on face. The occurrence rate ranges from one of 500 births to one of 700 births in the world.
 In this study, we elucidate mechanism of the outbreak of various kinds of inborn abnormality to show the phenotype in face, oral cavity including a cleft lip and/or cleft palate (CLP) and aim at developing the oral cavity function foundation therapy that we applied a bone reproduction therapy.
We carry out translational research to develop the regenerative therapy of the bone defect with the cleft lip and/or cleft palate that used carbonic acid apatite as bone substitution materials and/or mesenchymal stem cells derived from dental pulp, subsequently to accomplish the basic study of the molecular developmental biology in this study, and to elucidate molecules basis of a face particularly lips and palate or the development of tooth. By these, I supplement findings each other and make use of the result of the basic study in translational research and build up a process of the development that is reciprocal exchange elucidating a problem in translational research by the study of the base.
 Prof. Mori in the present project has been visiting Vietnam to support surgical treatment of CLP patients every year. However, CLP specific malocclusion occurs after the surgery worsens with the development of the children, which is not sufficiently treated. In the present fiscal year, we are planning to investigate the present situation of care system for CLP patients to assess the necessary supports for those countries in south east Asia.

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