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Between and Betwixt: ASEAN and the Rebalance Within Asia


Leader Takashi Terada (Doshisha University)
Researcher R. Aoyama (Waseda University), S. Goto (Wilson Center), M. Manyin (CRS), Marvin Ott (Wilson Center)
Term April 2016 – March 2017
Research Outline

 The power struggle between China and the United States has led to a competition between Beijing and Washington to bring like-minded countries into their respective folds. With the ongoing conflict between the two countries changing the security, trade, and diplomatic landscape of the Asia-Pacific region, there has also been a rise in Southeast Asia-centered regionalism.
 An ASEAN-centered Asian regionalism whereby Southeast Asian nations kept the major powers engaged in East Asia as the hub and core player through ASEAN and ASEAN-plus frameworks has fallen by the wayside.Instead, there has been a rise in two camps, one pro-U.S. and one pro-China. That has cast a cloud over ASEAN’s ability to focus on its own collective relevance. This discussion will outline some scenarios concerning the future of ASEAN by dwelling on the great power competition and their respective policy stance on ASEAN and ASEAN’s diplomatic maneuvers.

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