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Northeast Asia and US-Japan Relations


Leader Akihiro Iwashita (Professor, Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies, Kyushu University)
Researcher Edward Boyle (Collaborative Assistant Professor, Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies)
Term April 2017 – March 2018
Research Outline

Relations between the United States and Northeast Asian countries like China, Russia, and North and South Korea are shifting rapidly. Even a Japan that moves in step with the US in its relations with China and North Korea is experiencing various problems in strengthening cooperation with its South Korean “ally”, while groping for autonomy in its relations with Russia (as seen in the repeated meetings between the two country’s leaders in the face of US opposition). Currently confronting the danger of a nuclear-armed North Korea intent on missile development, Japan and the United States are approaching a critical moment in which they must both provide direction while bearing the other’s geopolitical assets in mind.

This project will utilize the resources available to the Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies (CAFS), and in collaboration with researchers from the United States and Canada present the results in Washington DC next year. In order for its findings to be disseminated among the Northeast Asian policy community in the capital, the cooperation of Sasakawa USA will be sought at an early stage, and a seminar planned for USJI Week.
The findings will be posted in English on CAFS homepage, and elsewhere.

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