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Globalization stoppers: Are they an enemy or a friend?


Leader Keiji Nakatsuji (Ritsumeikan University)
Researcher Mariana Gabarrot (Monterry Tec.)
Term April 2016-March 2019
Research Outline

The elevation of Donald Trump to new US President has gathered many surprises. His peculiar statement such as “building wall along the border with Mexico” indicates not only his individual foreign hatred but also represents a wide-spread popular sentiment in US. It could be interpreted as an anti-globalization movement.
Similar moves are everywhere if not as outspoken as Trump. There are, for examples, opposition to TPP both in US and Japan, patriotic movements against foreigners, prohibition of use of Google in China, labor and environment associations actions against WTO. Why is the outburst of anti-globalization sentiment happening? Is it because Neo liberalism drastically decreased middle class and radicalized people? Are actions of globalization haters beneficial for global community as well as individual society or harmful? Are they winning their battle against globalization?
What problems did globalization accompany? Should we stop globalization? If it is inevitable, what is a desirable form and pace of globalization? Should we compromise with globalization haters?
This research project tries to answer the above questions through examining various sectors such as money, direct investment, trade, information, culture (includes nationalism and religions), immigration, and etc. The project will search for the solution (ideal state of governance for globalization).

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