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Initiatives of UN on Peacebuilding and Roles of Japan


Leader Kazuhiro Maeshima (Professor, Sophia University, USJI Operating Advisor)
Researcher Daisaku Higashi (Professor, Sophia University), Tadashi Anno (Professor, Sophia University), Yasuhiro Ueki (Professor, Sophia University), Jake Sherman(Director of the Brian Urquhart Center for Peace Operations, International Peace Institute)
Term May 2019 – March 2020
Research Outline

This project is a policy study aiming to explore current critical issues on peace building and how international cooperation policies should be developed, especially how Japan should contribute to support conflicted states, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and South Sudan. This thesis becomes critically important as the current US government seems losing strong attention and commitment to nation-building efforts and conflict management in these fragile states. In order to find better approaches, scholars, practitioners, and policy designers will examine this question from their respective areas of expertise, ranging from peace building and international organizations, to national security and politics. We will present our views to the policy community in Washington at a policy forum event during the USJI Week as well as reporting on future issues of the USJI Voice.

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