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Environment and Resource Management for the United States and Japan


Leader Masahiko Gemma (Waseda Universiry)
Researcher Shenggen Fan (International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, D.C.)
Term April 2017-March 2018
Research Outline

With the prolonged world-wide recessions, efforts for reducing GHG emissions have slowed down even in developed countries. Concerns seem to have shifted to how we adjust our lives to the world with the influence of climate change. Although the global agreements at the COP21 have been reached in 2015 among developed countries and developing countries, many challenges exist to achieve the goals. This research project is organized to understand and discuss the current conditions for global socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development and policy options in the global context and the implications for the United States and Japan.
The conflicts between energy security, and food and nutritional security are reviewed. Resource management issues are also researched from the perspectives of global governance. Global rule making issues for the new regional and bilateral frameworks in international trade are also studied. The implications will also be discussed for the United States and Canada, the European Union, and Japan and Asia.

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