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USJI University Research report Vol.55

January 11,2017

Waseda University

Keio University

Using mathematical models to derive optimal location of facilities and their operating hours :Modeling and optimizing social systems
Ken-ichi Tanaka, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
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Operations research (OR) is a discipline that uses mathematical methods to work out rational plans for or present optimal solutions for diverse social problems. Dr. Ken-ichi Tanaka is devoted to research that helps determine, via mathematical approaches peculiar to OR, optimal locations of public and commercial facilities and their optimal operating hours.

Kyoto University

Kyushu University


Ritsumeikan University

Sophia University

The University of Tokyo

Living a long, healthy life: Toward medical treatment based on individual genetic information
Professor Koichi Matsuda, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Professor Yoshinori Murakami, Institute of Medical Science Professor Kaori Muto, Institute of Medical Science
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Thanks to advances in genomics, individualized medical treatments may soon revolutionize medicine. BioBank Japan collects the DNA samples from a huge pool of patients and shares data with other research institutions.
Scientists at the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo, lead institution of BioBank Japan, are developing the infrastructure and encouraging social awareness to bring about the era of personalized medicine.

University of Tsukuba

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