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USJI Member Universities Research Report Vol.2

July 29,2011

Keio University

Chemical Study of “lively” behavior of life forms
Kouichi Asakura, Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
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We analyze from a chemical standpoint the mechanism of lively phenomena in life such as biorhythms, and develop new industrial technology applying the knowledge we obtain.

Kyoto University

Highly Efficient and Precise Processing Inside Transparent Materials Using Femtosecond Laser
Kazuyuki Hirao, Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
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Prof. Kazuyuki Hirao and his research team have developed a series of techniques to create refractive index distribution inside various transparent materials with a spatial resolution of less than micrometer, by focusing femtosecond laser pulses.

Ritsumeikan University

3-D Human Hand Posture Estimation based on Computer Vision and Gestural Interface System
Nobutaka Shimada, Associate Professor, Institute of Science and Engineering College of Information Science and Engineering/Department of Human and Computer Intelligence
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Recently the field of human supporting robots is growing. Ritsumeikan’s Professor Shimada Nobutaka is working on developing robots with ability to naturally communicate with human as a partner. In the above dialog the robot recognizes him …

The University of Tokyo

Waseda University

Atomic Resolution Structure of Human Centromeric Nucleosomes Containing CENP-A
Hitoshi Kurumizaka, Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering
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The Kurumizaka laboratory (Waseda University, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering) has determined the crystal structure of the human centromeric nucleosome containing CENP-A (CENP-A nucleosome). The CENP-A …

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