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USJI Member Universities Research Report Vol.5

November 30,2011

Keio University

To become a reliable member of society and to think on one’s own
Kazuo Kambe, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce
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I specialize in decision-making and information systems within companies. My research examines how Information Technology functions in corporate management by analyzing the process of creating the most effective decisions.

Kyoto University

Wireless Power Transmission and Space Solar Power Satellite/Station as Its Application
Naoki Shinohara, Professor, Research Institute of Sustainable Humanosphere/Division of Creative Research and Development of Humanosphere
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Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) is useful and convenient technology, which can be used to charge batteries in the equipments without the need for a wire connection. The WPT technologies also can be used to harvest broadcasted radio …

Ritsumeikan University

New Possibilities Born from Oscillating Machines and Sleep Research
Shima Okada, Assistant Professor, Institute of Science and Engineering College of Science and Engineering Department of Robotics
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When you are in bed, and just about to fall asleep, your hands and feet get warm. This is because your body is trying to reduce its temperature and reduce its activities to an absolute minimum to prepare for sleep. When you sleep your body …

The University of Tokyo

Waseda University

Building a Mechanism for Regulation of Nuclear Power
Yoshiaki Oka, Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering
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The TEPCO Fukushima accident caused severe trouble for the public, beginning with the citizens of Fukushima prefecture, and we must ensure that an accident such as this never occurs again.

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