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USJI Universities Research Report Vol.10

June 26,2012

Keio University

With a desire to inherit Yukichi Fukuzawa's DNA
Tatsuo Sawada, Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering
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My laboratory belongs to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and we conduct various researches on “magnetic functional fluids”, which are particular kinds of fluid that respond to electric and magnetic fields.

Kyoto University

Orally Administered ”Peptide A” Exhibits Anxiolytic Activity in Mice
Kousaku Ohinata, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture
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It is able to use for anxiety depression.

Kyushu University

Ritsumeikan University

Assisting Rescue Forces with Snake-like Robots
Ma Shugen, Professor, College of Science and Engineering Department of Robotics
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The supple, object in front of Professor Shugen MA in the photograph to the left is a robot that mimics the movements of a snake. Once the on switch is hit, the robot wriggles into action just as a snake would.

Biomimetic Intelligent Mechatronics Lab:
Introduction Research:

The University of Tokyo

Dynamic analysis and structural design of infrastructure, Wind disaster mitigation and risk management, Wind resource assessment and wind power forecasting, Development of offshore wind turbine system, Numerical simulation of wind-induced vibrations
Takeshi Ishihara, Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
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Japan to Build World’s First Floating Wind Farm

Waseda University

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