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USJI Universities Research Report Vol.15

December 27,2012

Keio University

Uncovering life phenomena, a complex system, through behavior of water molecules
Masato Yasui, Professor, School of Medicine
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Learning from each other in an open and international environment, let’s aim to make steady efforts to conduct original research, taking advantage of our “curiosity” and “passion”!

Kyoto University

New Polymeric Organic Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
Jun-ichi Yoshida, Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
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New polymeric organic materials have been developed for lithium ion batteries that have high capacity, fastcharge and discharge ability, and excellent cyclability.

Kyushu University

8-Oxoguanine causes neurodegeneration during MUTYH-mediated DNA base excision repair
Yusaku Nakabeppu, Professor, Department of Immunobiology and Neuroscience, Medical Institute of Bioregulation
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8-Oxoguanine (8-oxoG), a common DNA lesion caused by reactive oxygen species, is associated with carcinogenesis and neurodegeneration. Although the mechanism by which 8-oxoG causes carcinogenesis is well understood, the mechanism by which it causes neurodegeneration is unknown. Here, we report that …

Ritsumeikan University

The University of Tokyo

Understanding epilepsy: Impact of infantile seizures on neural development
Ryuta Koyama, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences / Yuji Ikegaya, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Todai researchers have described the mechanism by which infantile febrile seizures may lead to adult epilepsy, with important implications for current treatment.

University of Tsukuba

Waseda University

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