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USJI Universities Research Report Vol.16

January 31,2013

Keio University

Kyoto University

Self-Gelling Nucleic Acids with Injectable, Biodegradable, and Immunomodulatory Functions
Makiya Nishikawa, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Nucleic acids, DNA and RNA, can be used for the construction of nano- to macro-scale DNA/RNA assemblies. Associate Prof. Makiya Nishikawa and his colleagues have developed self-gelling nucleic acids, which gelate under physiological conditions without the use of DNA ligase or any other crosslinking agents.

Kyushu University

Identification of a Metabolic Reaction Network from Time-Series Data of Metabolite Concentrations
Fumihide Shiraishi, Professor, Graduate school of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences
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Recent development of high-throughput analytical techniques has made it possible to qualitatively identify a number of metabolites simultaneously. Correlation and multivariate analyses such as principal component analysis have been widely used to analyse those data and evaluate correlations among the metabolic profiles. However, these …

Ritsumeikan University

Creating a Clear, Integrated "Riskmap" to Readily Identify Geographical Variations in Health, Crime Rates, and Incidence of Disasters
Tomoki Nakaya, Professor, College of Letters Area Studies Program
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Professor Nakaya says, “Ever since I went overseas as a child, I have enjoyed using maps to discover new things and expand my imagination. Perhaps my research now gives me the chance to continue to seek that enjoyment. Understanding maps, I want to deepen and expand my understanding of the world!”

The University of Tokyo

University of Tsukuba

Waseda University

The Forefront of Business in Asia: The Expansion of the Taiwanese Company, Tingyi Holding Corporation (Kang Shi Fu), in China and Partnerships with Japanese Companies
Jusuke Ikegami, Associate Professor, Center International Education
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At the Waseda University Asian Service Business Research Institute (Director: Masataka Ota), we conduct research on business in the broad Asia region, including India. Although Japanese, European, and American companies often come to mind when international business is mentioned, it is also essential to learn about conditions at emerging …

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