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USJI Universities Research Report Vol.39

April 30,2015

Kyoto University

Stable isotope analysis of historical bone specimens of brown bears suggests that human activities have caused a long-term dietary shift in brown bears in Hokkaido Islands, Japan
Jun Matsubayashi, Graduate School of Science Ichiro Tayasu, Professor, Research Institute for humanity and Nature
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Brown bears are opportunistic omnivores that flexibly change their feeding habits depending on the availability of dietary resources. A research team led by Jun Matsubayashi, a student at the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, and a Center…

Kyushu University

Ritsumeikan University

Engineering Materials Research Project for Sustainable Development
Kei Ameyama, Professor, College of Science and Engineering / Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Japan’s manufacturing base industry, and thus its economic development has been supported by its world-leading materials, machine manufacturing, and processing industries. For Japan to maintain its leading role in these fields against as…

The University of Tokyo

A novel vaccine for Ebola hemorrhagic fever: A novel vaccine prevents Ebola virus infection in monkeys
Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Professor, Institute of Medical Science
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Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s research group at the University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Science has developed a novel vaccine against Ebola virus disease and demonstrated that it prevents Ebola virus infection in primates. The World…

University of Tsukuba

Waseda University

Keio University

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