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USJI Universities Research Report Vol.8

March 27,2012

Keio University

Life skill program that produces motivation
Yuko Tokairin, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
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Finding out words and behavior that move people’s hearts through trial and error helps grow oneself.

Kyoto University

Terahertz Pulse Generates 1,000-Fold Increase in Electron Density
Assistant Professor Hideki Hirori and Professor Koichiro Tanaka, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences
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This carrier multiplication directly affects nonlinear transport phenomena in ultra-high-speed transistors and plays a key role in designing efficient solar cells and electroluminescent emitters and highly sensitive photon detectors.

Ritsumeikan University

Exploring,and Cleaning the Unknown Depths with Robot Diver CoCo
Sadao Kawamura, Professor, Institute of Science and Engineering College of Science and Engineering Department of Robotics
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A robot with two arms and two hands travels to the bottom of a laboratory pool, grabs a sunken coffee can,and returns back to the surface. Replacing traditional human lake and ocean divers, this “robot diver” is referred to as the “lake tiger” or CoCo (湖虎) in Japanese.

The University of Tokyo

Waseda University

Service Lives of Building -Actual Life-Spans Determined by Factual Investigation
Yukio Komatsu, Professor, Faculty of Sciences and Engineering
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Buildings have service lives. This seems obvious to Japanese, but might be seen as strange by Westerners.
The most typical service life is the life-span defined by Ministry of…

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