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USJI University Research Report Vol.61

November 14,2017

Sophia University

Corporate Social Responsibility Kyoto Style: Kyoto Model Forest's Approach to Collaborative Forest Management
Shingo Shibata, Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
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The Kyoto Model Forest adapted the model forest concept to create a unique “Kyoto-style” approach to collaborative forest management. The result has been the successful linking of private and public forest owners with private companies that wish to pursue CSR opportunities and benefit from incentives such as carbon credits. The general public has also been able to participate in many opportunities related to forestry and environmental conservation. Read more in external link

University of Tsukuba

Decoding Their "Language" to Pave the Way for a New Phase of Coexistence with Humanity
Nobuhiko Nomura, Professor, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
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Microbes such as infectious viruses and bacteria that regulate the environment of the intestinal tract directly affect the human body, but some are also used for purposes such as fermentation and decomposition of food, water treatment, and soil improvement…

The University of Tokyo

Conducting a large-scale survey comprising several thousand men and women, aged 20 to 69, in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Photo courtesy of Gallup Korea.

Ritsumeikan University

Rescuing the Japanese Food Industry through a Combination of Food and Management
Hiroshi Izawa, Professor, College of Economics
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The Japanese food business is overwhelmingly behind the rest of the world. It is estimated that there are as many as 50,000 Japanese restaurants all over the world. However, most of the managers of these restaurants are in fact not from Japan.

Waseda University

The beverage business has become a new pillar business

The Forefront of Business in Asia:
The Expansion of the Taiwanese Company, Tingyi Holding Corporation (Kang Shi Fu), in China and Partnerships with Japanese Companies
Jusuke Ikegami, Associate Professor, Center International Education
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In the past it was assumed that innovations would be initiated by the developed countries, we also need to conduct research on how to incorporate innovations developed by emerging countries. With this awareness, we would like to introduce Tingyi Holding Corporation, which is a core Taiwanese company in the Ting Hsin International Group that has enjoyed great success in China.

Kyushu University

Prof.Yamaguchi(Right) Miyajima, Ph.D. student(Left)

What is the factor that prevents men from taking paternity leave?
Psychological barrier that stems from erroneous beliefs
Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Professor, Department of Human Sciences, Faculty of Human-Environment Studies /Takeru Miyajima, Ph.D. student, Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies
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The research group led by Professor Hiroyuki Yamaguchi and Takeru Miyajima have revealed that Japanese male employee misperceive other male employees’ beliefs toward paternity leave as more negative than these beliefs actually are. Furthermore, this misperception inhibits the behavioral intention to take paternity leave, despite they aspire to take such leave.

Kyoto University

Keio University

Model of head (including nasal and pharynx) produced with a 3D printer. Used for practicing inserting the tube for sputum suction.

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