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Scholar Program

Starting in FY2017, USJI introduced a scholar program to develop young researchers who can contribute to enhance U.S.-Japan relationship in the future. Under this program, USJI will support the research activities of young researchers, one selected from each USJI affiliated university, in the U.S.

This program is financially supported by Sojitz Foundation.

1. 2018

Choi JungHoon
Asia-Japan Research Institute at Ritsumeikan University
Term: September/1/2018 to March/31/2019
Research Theme: An Analysis on the Perceptions and Foreign Policies of Japan, R.o.K, and the U.S. under the Kim Jong Un Regime
Junko Kondo
Graduate school of Global Environmental Studies at Kyoto University
Term: October/22/2018 to November/12/2018
Research Theme: Improving the paradigm of Place-Based Sustainability Education in Japan
Issei Suzuki
Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies at University of Tsukuba
Term:February/21/2019 to March/18/2019
Research Theme: Fundamental Structure of Library Management in the United States: Focusing on the Mechanism of the Library Boards and the Its Actual State of Activities
Yanjie Luo
Graduate School of Economics at Keio University
Term:March/8/2019 to April/10/2019
Research Theme:Airbnb pricing and neighborhood characteristics in San Francisco
Yuko Suyama
Doctoral Program in International Relations in Graduate School of Global Studies at Sophia University
Term:February/1/2019 to February/29/2019
Research Theme:The Influence of “Atoms for peace” of the President Eisenhower on the U.S., Japan and Germany
Yuma Osaki
Graduate School of Law (Politics) at Doshisha University
Term:March/15/2019 to April/7/2019
Research Theme:The International Trading System in the Trump Era: Bilateralism vs. Multilateralism

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