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USJI Seminar

How will key policies of the Hatoyama Administration impact U.S.-Japan relations

Date and Time

February 1 - 2, 2010


Capital Hilton Hotel, South American Room

Opening Remarks from the Chair


Prof. Katsuhiko Shirai
President, Waseda University

Seminar 1, Energy and Environmental Policy

[Summary English / Japanese]



Prof. Shunji Matsuoka (Moderator) Waseda University
Prof. Kent E. Calder Johns Hopkins University
Prof. Akira Maeda Kyoto University
Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama The University of Tokyo

Mr. Satohiro Akimoto Mitsubishi International Corporation
Mr. Yasushi Harada Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
Mr. Frank E. Loy Former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs
Mr. Kenji Matsuo Tokyo Electric Power Company
Mr. Toru Namiki President, Japan Coal Energy Center
Mr. Keisuke Saito Director-General,Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy DepartmentAgency for Natural Resources and Energy Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Dr. Gerald M. Stokes Associate Laboratory Director, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Prof. Shuzaburo Takeda Waseda University
Dr. Phyllis G. Yoshida Deputy Assistant Secretary, International Energy Cooperation

Congratulatory Speech


H.E. Ichiro Fujisaki Ambassador of Japan to the United States

Seminar 2, East Asian situation and U.S.-Japan Alliance

[Summary English]


Prof. Naoyuki Agawa (Moderator ) Keio University
Dr. Michael Green Senior Adviser & Japan Chair CSIS and Associate Professor, Georgetown University
Mr. Frank S. Jannuzi Senior East Asia Adviser,United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Prof. Akihiko Tanaka The University of Tokyo
Prof. Shunji Yanai Waseda University, Judge, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, Former Japanese Ambassador to the U.S.

Seminar 3, The East Asian Community and APEC

[Summary English / Japanese]


Prof. Shujiro Urata (Moderator) Waseda University
Dr. C. Fred Bergsten Director, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Mr. Tetsuro Fukunaga Director, APEC Office, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Prof. Nobuhiro Hiwatari The University of Tokyo
Prof. Keiji Nakatsuji Ritsumeikan University
Prof. Sung-Hoon Park Korea University
Mr. Kurt Tong Economic Coordinator and U.S. Senior Official for APEC, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

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