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The U.S.-Japan Research Institute (USJI) is a U.S. non-profit organization established in Washington D.C. in 2009 through the cooperation of multiple Japanese universities. It serves as a hub for U.S.-Japanese knowledge, which it then communicates to wider audience in order to help build a better future for the international community. It is thanks to the contributions of companies, organizations and individuals that the USJI is able to carry out its primary missions of Research, Human Resource Development and Community Building by working with other institutions in the U.S. to cultivate young researchers, build foundations for intellectual exchange and conduct practical research and offer policy recommendations that help solve global problems. The USJI seeks to expand its activities further and contribute more deeply to U.S.-Japanese understanding and the development of the intellectual community.
Such expansion, however, depends on your continued generous support.

The money you contribute is used to fund the following undertakings of the USJI.

Research Activities

  • Research Projects

    The USJI facilitates research projects conducted on the key themes of Environment/Energy, Security and Regional Cooperation/Integration and releases a Policy Paper on this research at the end of each year.

  • USJI Week

    The USJI holds a week-long series of seminars, study sessions and other events every September and February in Washington D.C. in order to present the results of USJI-related research projects and to raise awareness of the USJI within the U.S.

  • USJI Seminar

    The USJI invites Japanese and U.S. politicians, representatives from governmental bodies, and researchers and representatives from think tanks, major companies and universities to speak at seminars on timely topics which it hosts throughout the year in Washington D.C.

  • USJI Voice

    These policy recommendations by researchers from sponsoring universities are put out by the USJI around eight times a year and address timely topics.

  • USJI Newsletter

    The USJI participates in seminars and other events hosted primarily by think tanks in the Washington D.C. area and uses its regularly released newsletter to communicate the useful information it learns that is not available from the media or other sources.

  • University Research Report

    News of the latest research from sponsoring universities are announced each month.

  • USJI International Symposium

    The USJI invites opinion leaders from the worlds of Japanese-U.S. politics, government and academia to come speak about and discuss timely topics at a biennial symposium it holds in Japan.

  • Network and
    Database Construction

    The USJI is working to publicize its activities among U.S. governmental bodies, think tanks, companies, universities and other organizations in order to foster a greater understanding of the USJI as well as build up a human network.

Human Resource Development

  • Internship at USJI

    The Washington D.C. office offers internships aimed primarily at U.S. university students interested in U.S.-Japan relations, giving them the opportunity to assist in USJI operations.

  • CSPC Program

    Three Japanese students are selected from sponsoring universities to go to the U.S. and take part in a program sponsored by the U.S.-based Center for the Study of the Presidency & Congress (CSPC) which seeks to cultivate in these students debate skills that will put them on par with students from elite U.S. universities.

  • Building the TOMODACHI Generation(BTG)

    This training program, run in conjunction with The Washington Center (TWC), based in the U.S., aims to cultivate the next generation of Japanese and American leaders, contributing to the recovery of the Tohoku region of Japan. Twenty students from sponsoring universities are sent to the U.S.

  • Student Workshops

    Student Workshops are held which are taught by think tank scholars, employees of local Japanese subsidiaries, researchers at sponsoring universities and others working at the forefront of research and business.

  • USJI Student Branch

    The USJI utilizes its network of researchers, government officials, economists and other experts and intellectuals in Japan and the U.S. to provide Japanese exchange students in Washington D.C. universities, as well as U.S. students with an interest in Japan, with opportunities for practical skills development, thereby fostering the development of valuable human resources for U.S.-Japan relations.

Community Building

  • Networking Reception

    The USJI holds a Networking Reception in Washington D.C.

  • Washin-kai

    The Washin-kai provides a venue for young Japanese employees and personnel in public and private sector organizations endorsing the Washin-kai’s aims to exchange ideas and opinions with American scholars of Japan and others.

  • Japan Policy Workshop(JPW)

    This workshop is aimed primarily at Japanese bureaucrats on temporary assignment at organizations in Washington D.C. and at Japanese exchange students at universities in Washington D.C., affording them the opportunity to hear lectures from, and engage in discussion with, U.S. policymakers (government representatives).

  • USJI Japan 101

    The USJI collaborates with various organizations headquartered in Washington D.C. to provide people who work in and around the U.S. Congress and who have only a limited understanding of Japan with introductory courses taught by leading researchers, business people and others at the forefront of their respective fields in Japan.

Administrative Operations

  • Annual Meetings
  • Board of Directors
  • Operational Meetings

In addition to receiving the USJI Newsletter, USJI supporters will be provided with updates and information about the USJI’s various symposiums, workshops and other events.

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