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Tax Exemption and Application Method

For Japanese Corporations

Japanese corporations can make use of the Designated Donations Program offered by the Japan Foundation to receive tax benefits under Japanese law. 

Utilization of the Designated Donations Program when providing support for an international cultural exchange project carried out by a domestic or foreign public group allows the Japan Foundation to first receive such monetary and/or in-kind contributions as donations which can then be utilized to subsidize those organizations carrying out the intended cultural exchange projects. Contributions made via this program are treated separately from general contributions and may be declared as deductible expenses up to the established limit for standard contributions.

Contributions made to the U.S.-Japan Research Institute using the Designated Donations Program will be remitted to the Japan Foundation. Any receipts issued to incorporated donors will be issued by the Japan Foundation. For more information about the Designated Donations Program, please go here (Japanese only).

Please contact the following offices if you have any inquiries.

The U.S.-Japan Research Institute, Japan Office

1-104, Totsuka-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050
Strategic Management Planning Section, Office of the President, Waseda University
TEL: +81-3-5286-8740 FAX: +81-3-5286-8385
E-mail: usjp@us-jpri.org

For U.S. Corporations

Donations to the U.S-Japan Research Institute are tax deductible as permitted by law under the 501(c)(3) provisions of the U.S. tax code.
Please contact the following offices if you have any inquiries.

The U.S-Japan Research Institute, Washington D.C. (Headquarters)

11901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 801, Washington, DC 20006
TEL: +1-202-452-6142
E-mail: usjp@us-jpri.org

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