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USJI International Symposium

To mark the APEC conference, USJI Symposium in Kyoto

November 04,2010

Can Asia Save the World Economy?

The U.S.-Japan Research Institute was held an international symposium commemorating the APEC forum being held in Japan. Speakers invited from private companies and universities in and outside the country had raised issues related to the economics of the Asia Pacific region and propose solutions to the issues at the symposium.
On the day of symposium, about 250 audiences attended and adjourned with full of success. Thank you so much to all of listeners who contributed and participated to this event.
Result of the Questionnaire

Date and Time

Thursday, November 4, 2010 2:40pm-6:15pm


Soushikan Conference Hall, Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University,
56-1 Toji-in Kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Supported by

Keio University, Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University,The University of Tokyo, Waseda University



Katsuichi Uchida, USJI President, Vice President, Waseda University

14:40 Speech from the chair

Junichi Mori USJI Vice chair, Vice President, Kyoto University

14:50 Panel Discussion (Session 1) : Economic Network in Asia and its Economic Development

How Japanese industries are able to develop their business in Asia? Panelists from academic, private sector and government discussed this theme including multinational framework such as TPP and FTAAP. Japanese national development cannot be achieved without expanding manufacturing, selling and marketing in Asia and cooperation with other Asian countries. Panelists had a lively discussion under this common notion and Q&A with the audiences. They also focused on the brand strategy including intellectual property right, regulations and the alleviation of custom procedures.


Ryuhei Wakasugi
Professor, Kyoto University


Nobuhiko Hibara
USJI Operating Adviser, Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University

Takehiko Inoue presentation
Panasonic Corporation

Kouhei Shiino
Japan External Trade Organization: JETRO presentation

Shinsaku Sugiyama
Professor, Ritsumeikan University

16:20 Panel Discussion (Session 2) :APEC, East Asia Consortium and Global Imbalance

Researchers from U.S., Japan and China discussed how to solve or find an alternative the global imbalance that occurred after the “Lehman shock”. They talked about the role of APEC, the East Asian Community, the economic integration and what is the preferable participation for TPP. Similar to the Session 1, panelists had a vibrant discussion between themselves and the audiences.


Keiji Nakatsuji
USJI Operating Adviser, Professor, Ritsumeikan University


Randall Henning
Peterson Institute for International Economics: IIE,Professor, American University, United States

Nobuhiro Hiwatari remarks presentation
Professor, The University of Tokyo

Masayuki Tadokoro
Professor, Keio University

Shujiro Urata
Professor, Waseda University

Xiaopeng Yin presentation
Associate Professor, University of International
Business & Economics, China

17:45 Commemorative Speech

Han Sung-Joo
Ex-Foreign Minister, Republic of Korea,Professor Emeritus, Korea Universit Remarks
Mr. Han Sung-Joo is ex-Foreign minister, Republic of Korea and Professor emeritus of Korea University. His commemorative speech was held at the last part of the symposium. He talked about the role of ASEAN, G20 and the FTA policy of South Korea and China, the meaning of the East Asian Community and the multinational cooperation for the security issues. He also made a proposal how and where Asia should go for the future. Many audiences listened earnestly to his speech.

18:10 Closing Remark

Cassim Monte
USJI Vice Chair, Vice Chancellor, Ritsumeikan University

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