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USJI University Research Report Vol.56


Keio University

Kyoto University

The sea roils and life returns
Reiji Masuda, Associate Professor, Field Science Education and Research Center
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The tsunami of 2011 is well remembered in Japan. Some towns have recovered, while others struggle to return to a life that once was. The same is true for ecosystems. In a new study in PLOS ONE(*), Japanese researchers report how the sea life in different coastal regions of Japan struck by the tsunami have flourished or faltered.
(*)PLOS ONE is the American science magazine which published this research on December 13, 2016.

Kyushu University

Spontaneous concern with the epistemic gap between others in 1.5-year-old infants
Kazuhide Hashiya, Associate Professor, Department of Human Sciences/ Faculty of Human-Environment Studies
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Not only responding to direct social actions toward themselves, infants also pay attention to relevant information from third-party interactions…(snip)…The current study aimed to investigate infants’ observation of third-party attentional relationships and whether they influence the infants subsequent gaze following

Ritsumeikan University

Sophia University

Analysis of the Ultraviolet Absorption Cross Sections of Six Isotopomers of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) using 3D Wavepacket Propagation
Shinkoh Nanbu, Professor, Department of Materials and Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology
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The loss of nitrous oxide from the atmosphere is very simple, involving photolysis in the stratospheric UV windows (90%);  
In 1997 Yung and Miller presented the “zero point energy” model, which revised our understanding of the role of photolysis in fractionating isotopomers…

The University of Tokyo

In pursuit of artificial intelligence with a human mind -Getting to the heart of human-like action with robots and computer models-
Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
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“I was determined to do it precisely because I was told it was impossible.” So says Yasuo Kuniyoshi, professor at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, in a quiet tone. However, the sharp glint in his eye betrays his grand ambition of developing a truly clever artificial intelligence to benefit humankind…

University of Tsukuba

Waseda University

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