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USJI Universities Research Report Vol.41


Ritsumeikan University

Drug Development using a Gene Regulation Mechanism by Natural Antisense Transcripts
Mikio Nishizawa, Professor, College of Life Sciences/Department of Biomedical Sciences
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RNA transcribed from DNA consists of not only messenger RNA (mRNA) that encodes a protein to be translated, but also another RNA species that does not code any proteins, known as non-coding RNA (ncRNA). Recent genome-wide…

Sophia University

The Middle East and Japan Four Years after the "Arab Spring" : Reflections on the Shooting Incident in Tunisia and lipid body formation
Erina Iwasaki, Professor, Faculty of Foreign Studies
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The shooting incident, in which three Japanese tourists died along with other victims, took place at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis on March 18, 2015. Originally a palace, the museum stands next to the National Assembly, …

The University of Tokyo

Starting a second decade of innovation and entrepreneurship: The Division of University Corporate Relations
Shigeo Kagami, Professor, General Manager, Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, DUCR
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Like a hub on a modern-day Silk Road, the University of Tokyo is a major locus of innovation and the exchange of ideas. Pilgrims and merchants of knowledge and industry from around the world are drawn here in search of…

University of Tsukuba

Waseda University

Exploring the identity of migrants Crossing Asian and global borders
Gracia Liu-Farrer, Professor, Faculty of International Research and Education
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Making migration studies my life work I have been interested in the movement of people from a young age. In China, there is a household registration system called the hukou system. People are bound to the area of land in their household …

Keio University

Kyoto University

Kyushu University

Highly Efficient Photon Upconversion in Self-Assembled Light-Harvesting Molecular Systems
Nobuo Kimizuka, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Graduate School of Engineering
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To meet the world’s demands on the development of sunlight-powered renewable energy production, triplet–triplet annihilation-based photon upconversion (TTA–UC) has raised great expectations.…


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