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USJI Universities Research Report Vol.46


Waseda University

Keio University

Care Technology for a Safe and Comfortable Society
Tomoaki Otsuki, Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Information and Computer Science
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The radio frequency sensor that we are now developing detects how the radio waves are propagated, and based on the variation, estimates people’s actions and location. Since it detects only the radio propagation, there is no need to worry about invasion of privacy as with video ca…

Kyoto University

Auroral mystery solved: sudden bursts caused by swirling charged particles
Yusuke Ebihara, Associate Professor, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
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Auroras are dimly present throughout the night in polar regions, but sometimes these lights explode in brightness. Now Japan ese scientists have unlocked the mystery behind this spectacle, known as auroral breakup. …

Kyushu University

Laminar differences in the orientation selectivity of geniculate afferents in mouse primary visual cortex
Kenichi Ohki, Professor, Graduate School of Medical Sciences
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It has been debated whether orientation selectivity in mouse primary visual cortex (V1) is derived from tuned lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) inputs or computed from untuned LGN inputs. However, few studies have measured orientation tuning of LGN axons…

Ritsumeikan University

Sophia University

The University of Tokyo

Elucidating the mystery of phytoplasmas, the ultimate idler bacteria: Basic research and fieldwork go hand-in-hand at the world’s oldest plant pathology laboratory
Shigetou Namba, Professor, Laboratory of Plant Pathology, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Biology, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences
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Always avoid being trapped by conventional wisdom. Professor Shigetou Namba smiles as he says, “Methods that everyone once thought heretical have, Over the decades, become mainstream.” This spirit of inquiry has guided the Laboratory of Plant Pathology in the Department…

University of Tsukuba

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