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USJI University Research report Vol.54


University of Tsukuba

Waseda University

Keio University

Beauty is in the prefrontal cortex of the beholder: Noninvasive electrical brain stimulation can alter our appreciation of art
Hideaki Kawabata, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Letters
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In a study of 47 female Japanese students, researchers found participants whose medial prefrontal cortex was inhibited with an electrical current were significantly less likely to find beauty in a series of 20th century abstract artworks…

Kyoto University

Unlocking a novel approach to drug discovery for neurology
Itaru Hamachi, Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Shigeki Kiyonaka, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Kei Yamaura, Researcher, Graduate School of Engineering
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-Biosensors shed light on complicated neuron binding in the brain-
In a study published in Nature Chemical Biology, the research team designed biosensors that can tag with GABAA receptors — a clinically relevant drug target — to trace their structural features and interactions with other molecules…

Kyushu University

Ritsumeikan University

Sophia University

Loss of γ-tubulin, GCP-WD/NEDD1 and CDK5RAP2 from the Centrosome of Neurons in Developing Mouse Cerebral and Cerebellar Cortex
Kensuke Hayashi, Professor, Department of Materials and Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology
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Professor Hayashi won the Best Paper of the year 2016 in the 57th Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry for his remarkable dissertation released  in “Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica” Vol. 48 (2015) No. 5 p. 145-152…

The University of Tokyo

Researcher’s serendipities pave way for waste-free drug synthesis: Multi-point recognition asymmetric catalysts function like enzymes
Professor Emeritus Masakatsu Shibasaki, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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How do medicines work? From this point of departure, University of Tokyo Professor Emeritus Masakatsu Shibasaki took up chemistry to quench his curiosity. In his quest to produce drugs in low-waste, environmentally friendly ways, Shibasaki has focused on asymmetric catalysis for many years…



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