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Domestic Politics and Issues in Japan

Takeshi Iida
USJI Voice
USJI Voice Vol.32

The 2017 Japanese General Election and Public Constraints on Constitutional Revision

Takeshi Iida(Associate Professor, Doshisha University)

Hasebe Yasuo
USJI Voice
USJI Voice Vol.27

Article 9: Should It Be Amended?

Yasuo Hasebe(Professor, Waseda University)

USJI Voice
USJI Voice Vol.20

The Opportune Moment: US-China-Japan Cooperation in Conflict-affected Regions

Dr. Miwa Hirono(Ritsumeikan University)

USJI Voice
USJI Voice Vol.17

Infrastructure for Disaster Resilience – Some Lessons from the Kumamoto Earthquake

Dr. Riki Honda(The University of Tokyo)


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