A Tekken anime is coming to Netflix: here is the first teaser trailer

Netflix and video games is certainly not the first time they meet, just think of the successful League of Legends series, so it is not surprising the announcement of the production of a new anime that will stage the characters and stories of Tekkenone of the best known and most popular fighting games ever, on the most popular streaming platform in the world.

For the moment there is no information regarding the release date (which will still be by 2022) and it is not even known how many episodes will make up Tekken: Bloodline, but a very important detail has already been revealed: Jin Kazama, one of the best-known members of the cast, will be the protagonist of the operation.

The Netflix YouTube channel accompanies the one and a half minute video with a short description explaining how Jin Kazama “he learned his family’s typical fighting style from his mother since he was a child. Despite this, he proved helpless when an evil force took away everything he cared about, changing his life forever. Jin has thus embarked on a path to find his own revenge: this path will lead him to take part in the definitive wrestling tournament, The King of Iron Fist Tournament“.

In short, it seems that what we will see will be the story of the origins of Jin Kazama and an introduction to the world of Tekken. A story already known to fans but which will still be curious to see told from a new point of view. Hoping, if possible, not to be in the presence of an unpresentable product as it was for the 2009 film. Waiting for new details, you can take a look at all the releases coming to Netflix in April in our dedicated article.

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