A temporary channel dedicated to Star Trek: Discovery arrives on Pluto TV

A new temporary channel will enrich the Pluto TV offer from Monday 21 March to Monday 18 April. The novelty will be entirely centered on fourth season of the series “Star Trek: Discovery“, of which they will be repeated all 13 episodes in rotation. Recall that the series follows the adventures of the crew of the USS Discovery. Lorenzo Fantonijournalist and TV series expert, summed up the series and the fourth season as follows:

If we look at the history of Star Trek, Discovery appears to us as the most transformative series of all, having changed its skin almost every season, without ceasing to be itself, that is, a tale of discovery, pacifism, passion and idealism that are perfectly embodied. both in the values ​​of the saga and in its protagonist. Michael Burnham is a character who firmly believes in the ideals of the Federation and tries to mix some of the characteristics of the archetypes that preceded it, drawing a little from Kirk and a little from Picard, without forgetting part of her past as an adoptive Vulcan and some dark sides of his heroism at all costs. This fourth season is an example of these characteristics in many ways. A completely new story but with a cast by now well-established, in which the typical elements of Star Trek are never lacking: strange civilizations, moments of difficulty, galactic threats and situations in which diplomacy is the best solution.

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