Apple releases iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, watchOS 8.5, macOS 12.3, and tvOS 15.4

As announced, Apple has publicly released iOS and iPadOS 15.4, macOS Monterey 12.3, watchOS 8.5 and tvOS 15.4 which arrive one week after the RC versions, released after the presentation of the refurbished iPhone SE, of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro in the forest green coloring and the new Mac Studio, and more than a month after the public release of iOS and iPadOS 15.3, macOS 12.2, watchOS 8.4 and tvOS 15.3.


These versions are compatible with all devices that support iOS and iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, watchOS 8 and tvOS 14 and, as usual, can be installed in OTA mode, directly through the appropriate menu in the system settings.

Recall that, for installation on iPhone and iPad it is necessary have at least 20% remaining charge or better yet, keep the device connected to the mains during the update. It is also possible to update under the 5G network if the functionality has been activated in the settings. To update Apple Watch, however, the app on the iPhone must be used and the smartwatch must have at least 50% autonomy.


iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3 add several features. Among these, the Universal controlwhich allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple devices at a time that you are signed into your iCloud account, the ability to use Face ID with a protective face mask on iPhone 12 and above, even without having an Apple Watch for authentication, the ability to enter the Green Pass in the Wallet and support for Emoji 14. In total there are 112 characters including 37 new emojis and 75 with new shades of the skin.

iOS 15.4 has also added a new warning that is shown to the user during the configuration phase of an AirTag in which it is emphasized that the tracker is intended “solely to track the location of objects owned by the user, and not for other purposes”. This notice is part of a broader set of measures designed by Apple to prevent illegal use of its trackers. Apple also fixed a bug that was causing confusion about unwanted tracking, particularly AirPods which could cause a “Unknown accessory warning”.

News also regarding the voice assistant Siri which starting from these versions is also enriched with a new voice with a more nuanced gender characterization recorded by a member of the LGBTQ + community. The new entry is only available in English.



  • Face ID while wearing a face mask is available on iPhone 12 and later.
  • Apple Pay and automatic entry of passwords in apps and Safari can be used with Face ID while wearing a face mask.


  • New emojis are now available in the emoji keyboard that include smilies, hand gestures and household items.
  • For the handshake emoji, you can choose different skin tones for each hand.


  • SharePlay sessions can be started directly from supported apps.


  • Siri can provide date and time information when you are offline on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and later.

Certified for vaccines

  • The Health app supports the EU digital COVID certificate and allows you to download and archive verifiable versions of COVID ‑ 19 vaccinations, laboratory results and healing certificates.
  • Vaccine cards for COVID ‑ 19 in the Wallet app now support the EU digital COVID certificate format.

This version also includes the following improvements for iPhone:

  • Support for Italian and Chinese (traditional) has been added for the translation of web pages in Safari.
  • Filters have been added to the Podcast app for seasons and for episodes that are played, not played, saved or downloaded.
  • You can manage custom email domains on iCloud from Settings.
  • You can use the camera in the keyboard to add text to your notes and memos.
  • The Quick Commands app now supports adding, removing, and tag searches with Reminders.
  • The “Emergency SOS” settings have changed and “Press and Hold” is now used for all users. “Call by pressing 5 times” is still available as an option in the feature settings.
  • The “Close-up” feature of the magnifier uses the ultra-wide angle camera on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max to help you see small objects.
  • Saved passwords can now include personal notes in Settings.

This version also includes iPhone bug fixes:

  • The keyboard could insert a period between typed numbers.
  • Photos and videos might not sync with iCloud Photo Library.
  • The Accessibility “Read Screen” feature could unexpectedly close within the Books app.
  • The “Live Listen” feature may not turn off when disabled in Control Center.


Universal control (beta)

  • Universal Control allows you to use a single mouse and keyboard on iPad and Mac
  • The text can be typed on a Mac or iPad, and you can drag and drop files between them

Spatial audio

  • Dynamic Head Tracking is available in Music with AirPods supported on Mac computers with M1 chips
  • Customizable spatial audio settings for Off, Fixed and Head Tracked are now in the Control Center with AirPods supported on Mac computers with M1 chips


  • New emojis including faces, hand gestures and household items are available in the emoji keyboard
  • The handshake emoji lets you choose different skin tones for each hand

This version also includes the following improvements for your Mac:

  • Siri now includes an additional voice, expanding diversity
  • Podcast app adds episode filter for seasons, played, unplayed, saved or downloaded episodes
  • Safari web page translation adds support for Italian and Chinese (traditional)
  • Shortcuts now support adding, removing, or querying tags with Reminders
  • Saved passwords can now include your notes
  • Battery capacity estimates are now more accurate

This version also includes bug fixes for your Mac:

  • News widgets in Today view may not open articles when clicked
  • The audio may appear distorted when watching videos in the Apple TV app
  • Some photos and videos may be moved unintentionally when organizing albums in Photos


  • Ability to authorize Apple TV purchases and subscriptions
  • COVID-19 vaccination cards in Apple Wallet now support the EU COVID digital certificate format
  • Updates to irregular heart rhythm notifications designed to improve identification of atrial fibrillation. Available in the United States, Chile, Hong Kong, South Africa, and many other regions where the feature is available.
  • Audio tips in Fitness + give you audio commentary of the moves visually demonstrated during workouts.

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