Coolest GDC Ever: Nvidia will give away some RTX 3090s

This year’s GDC will be particularly interesting for PC gamers to watch: NVIDIA said that during the event will give away at least eight RTX 3090samong other things “collectible” as they will be signed (on the box, as you can see from the opening image) by the managing director Jensen Huang.

It is not perfectly clear at this stage, given that the company has not illustrated the rules and methods of the giveaway, however the “risk” is that it is necessary to be physically present at the fair – ironically, in this market even the price of the return flight ticket. for California it could be a good deal for the currently most powerful GeForce on the market. Note that we don’t know exactly how many cards will be available: Photos shared by NVIDIA show at least eight boxes, but there may be more. Hopefully, at the very least!

The GDC (Game Developer Conference) 2022 will be held from 21 to 24 March – in short, next week, and despite the measures against the coronavirus have now eased, it will still take place partially online. However, NVIDIA has also planned workshops and interventions on site. It is worth remembering that a few days after the fair, one of the most important of the year for video game developers, sales of the RTX 3090 Ti, heir to the 3090, which was announced at the beginning of the year, should begin.

It could be argued that the NVIDIA initiative takes place in a rather curious circumstance – the GDC is an event dedicated more to professionals in the sector than to enthusiasts, and in recent years it has become increasingly focused on so-called artificial intelligence technologies. The official website of the event itself displays the slogan “# 1 AI Developer Conference”, and just take a look at the calendar to understand how little there is of traditional “gaming”.

That said, artificial intelligence has important implications in the world of video games as well, and the GDC should be the ideal opportunity to discover someone important. It is likely, for example, that AMD will present its “real” alternative to NVIDIA’s DLSS.

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