Dyson renews its Airwrap: new accessories also arrive

We return to talk about hair at Dyson after the launch of the Corrale straightener, and as often happens with the brand’s devices, the company has taken over the Airwrap project, one of its iconic products, to further improve it: a decision in line with the company’s philosophy, historically based on an engineering approach that aims at optimizing the good that has already been done.

After the Pure Cool series of air purifiers, this time around it was the turn of the legendary Airwrap, launched in 2018 and instantly entered the wishlist of several people. The reason, for those who are not familiar with the subject, is quickly explained: he gives hairstyles of a similar professional level at home, managing to replace the typical manual skills of the hairdresser.

The improvements take advantage of a lot of technology as alwaysand for example to miniaturize and multiply theCoanda effect – the one that allows you to style your hair without resorting to extreme heat, using instead the air propelled at the right speed and pressure – automatic learning systems were exploited to study advanced computational fluid dynamics.

In practice, engineering in a simulated environment which, in combination with various digital design software, has led to the creation of fewer physical prototypes and more sustainable development practices. So greater efficiency and improved performance, but the novelty is also and above all in the accessories, which have been redesigned and implemented.

The new rotating cold tip styling cones that are used to create curls and waves can now act both clockwise and counterclockwise, thus eliminating the need to switch from one cone to another during styling, while the dual-use straightening hairdryer accessory and the brush available in two versions of different sizes; there is also the detangling comb designed for curly and very curly hair. There are 8 accessories in total:

  • short cone of 30 mm
  • short 40 mm cone
  • 30 mm long cone
  • 40 mm long cone
  • 20 mm long cone
  • Coanda straightening hair dryer
  • “Soft” brush
  • “Hard” brush

The new accessories are backwards compatible, so owners of the first generation of the Airwrap can purchase them separately, although prices have not yet been disclosed. The new Dyson Airwrap will be available in Italy from May in Dyson stores and on the official website for the price of 549 eurosit is not yet known whether the first generation will remain on the list or will gradually leave room for the second.

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