EA Play Live canceled: Electronic Arts cancels its event for this year

The season of live events focused on videogame news is approaching and while E3 at the moment seems to be confirmed in virtual form, another important event has just been canceled: Electronic Arts has announced that it will not organize EA Play Live this year.

Through a note sent to IGNa representative of the company has in fact declared that the new products will not be shown all on a single occasion but will be presented at the right time when there are the conditions for a reveal.

We love EA Play Live because it’s our way to connect with players to share all the news. This year, however, there are no conditions to present all the projects on a single date. Our teams are working on exciting things and when the time is right we will reveal a lot more about the different projects.

Based on recent statements, Electronic Arts has therefore decided to abandon, at least for this year, the EA Play Live to present the new products in “diluted form” over the next few months, most likely with ad hoc reveals. At this point, all that remains is to wait to find out which and how many games are being developed in the EA studios.

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