Elon Musk revises his plans on Mars: human landing close to the 30’s

It was 2016 when Elon Musk, on the stage of the International Astronautical Conference in Mexico, he revealed to the world his plan for the colonization of Mars. “We have two paths – She said – . Stay on Earth and meet the moment of mass extinction, or evolve into a multi-planetary species “. On that occasion the South African also gave a date, a time horizon within which the human species would have placed its feet on the red planet: 2024ad.

Two years after that deadline, SpaceX has made progress: last month Musk provided encouraging updates on Starship, the rocket that will take humans to the Moon and Mars, but obviously the progress they weren’t fast enough the promise made six years ago must be respected. In short, in 2024, no human being will be able to roam the red planet, we will have to continue to appreciate the discoveries of Ingenuity and Perseverance for a while longer (here the most important stages of their year on Mars).

For another seven years at least no human missions to Mars. Musk’s new prediction / promise comes without posters or grand proclamations: “2029” he tensely replied on Twitter to an account that teased him on the subject, asking him what his prediction was. “Landed on the Moon in 1969, on Mars in 20__?”. Sixty years later the man could write the annals again, according to Musk. Net of other delays and consequent rescheduling, of course.

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