Expensive fuel, a small sign of falling prices

The war in Ukraine continues to have heavy consequences on the pockets of motorists struggling with expensive fuels. These days we have even seen how the cost of diesel has reached and exceeded that of petrol. Filling up your car with fuel has unfortunately reached very high costs that hit hard the budgets of both families and companies. Going to work by car every day costs more and more and for companies, the transport of products is increasingly onerous.

There is, however, some “good news”. Oil prices they are, in fact, decreasing. Currently, as we write, Brent is quoted at just over $ 101, a far cry from the over $ 130 of a few days ago. If the downward trend continues, important effects on gasoline and diesel prices will be seen, however, only in a while as the consequences of the sharp increases in oil prices of the past few days are still being felt.

However, yes already signal some very first reductions of companies on recommended prices. A first positive sign. Add to this that the government is working to stop the race to the rise in fuel costs. On the table, among the many measures under examination, also the cut in excise duties.


According to the latest surveys of Quotidiano Energia, Eni has cut recommended petrol and diesel prices by 5 cents. Waiting to see the first effects of these first downward corrections, the latest survey by Quotidiano Energia highlights that in self-service mode, the average price of gasoline has reached 2.219 euros per liter, with different brands ranging between 2.184 and 2,269 euros per liter (no logo 2,191 euros). In served mode, the average is € 2.328 per liter, with average prices between € 2.248 and € 2.404 per liter (no logo € 2.236).

Turning to diesel, in self-service mode the national average reached € 2.225 per liter with companies positioned between € 2.201 and € 2.261 per liter (no logo € 2.223). Speaking of the prices of diesel in served mode, the national average has reached 2.342 euros per liter with average prices between 2.283 and 2.405 euros per liter (no logo 2.267 euros).


In the meantime, to try to save a little something you can try use some smartphone apps or websites that allow you to check the prices charged in the nearest service stations, to be able to choose those where you can save a little bit.

We recall, in this regard, Petrol or Waze prices. Alternatively, there is also the Fuel Prices Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development.


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